M00N City

Welcome to M00N City

M00N City is an experiment to build a digital meta-city where:
  • Your identity will be your avatar - PFP NFT
  • Participation in the ecosystem will be driven by internal economics
  • Gamification will be used for fun and profit (like elections for a municipal council)
  • Community will rule
  • Every citizen will have incentive to participate
  • Prosperity of the city means prosperity for its citizens (WAGMI)
The core goal of the M00N City will be to build economy for decentralized apps development by selecting and funding them using a tokenized model called curation markets.
At the beginning this will be used as a way to govern the team development. The team and the community will propose new features or dapps to be build by tokenizing these ideas. Initially we will focus on creating features to build a better M00N City experience. Later this can be extended to allow any team/dev to participate and tokenize all kind of ideas.


The participants in the M00N City ecosystem are called moonwalkers. At the beginning there will be two types of moonwalkers depending on their role - builders and backers.
  • builders - developers, entrepreneurs (initially the team, later anyone)
  • backers - crypto enthusiasts, speculators, farmers, apes, degens
To ensure a sustainable economy model the actors use LUNAR to stake, buy and govern. LUNAR is an Ethereum ERC20 token that makes the connection between all the building blocks of the platform.
On M00N City builders will be able to tokenize their DAPP ideas by creating bonding curve ERC20 tokens called APP tokens. By depositing LUNAR on these APP token contracts backers are curating and funding these ideas to become real projects. Successful projects will generate taxes, give earlier access, etc. for the APP token holders.
WIP: This documentation is under continuous development and can be incomplete!
Last modified 2yr ago