M00N City


Here are some proposals that can be implemented if the community decide so

APP marketplace

This is the place where you can publish you idea, create APP tokens and stake LUNAR on them.
APP marketplace will have similar functionalities as the other marketplaces like opensea and ocean market.
Here the builders will be able to publish their project idea and create APP tokens. For backers it will be easy to list by category and search project ideas and stake on them.
M00N City's APP marketplace also share some similarities with kickstarter. Similarities are that you can publish, search, list and fund project ideas, but at M00N City we aim to build a decentralized and permissionless protocol that will incentivize each actor. The funding model is quite different and is controlled by a smart contract. The backers are not just funding the team, but also receive share from the project idea and later from the project success, also they can sell their share at any time. This will lead to building stronger communities, because the success of the project will be shared between builders and backers.

Lunar WEB3 Tools

We plan to provide WEB3 Tools for builders, that will help them to bootstrap their contracts from templates for:
  • ERC20 tokens
  • Bonding curve tokens
  • NFTs


We believe that most DAPPs will have their own metaverses or will have land in general metaverses like sandbox and decentraland.
Last modified 2yr ago