M00N City


Token distribution

Since we aim to create an active ecosystem, our issuance model will incentivize activity. For that reason LUNAR will be distributed in 3 main phases.
NFT Minting
  • Initial distribution to early adopters
  • DEX liquidity
  • Funding
  • Governance
IFO - Initial Farming Offering
  • Initial distribution to early adopters
  • Onboarding DEFI enthusiasts by providing high yield farming
Mining - APP mining, Liquidity mining, Staking, etc.
  • Incentivize active ecosystem participants
  • Incentivize DEX liquidity providers

Initial distribution:

  • IFO: 500 000
  • Airdrops: 1 000 000
  • DAO/grants: 300 000
  • DEX liquidity: 200 000
  • Actual supply before M00N marketplace launch (Q1 2022): 2 000 000
  • Max token supply: 20 000 000
fig.1 initial distribution

End of distribution:

  • DAO - 2 300 000
  • Community - 17 700 000
fig2: end of distribution


2 000 000 tokens are minted at genesis to feed the IFO contracts, to provide DEX liquidity and for community airdrops (see fig1).
Minting is currently controlled by the DAO and is protected by a 2 days timelock contract, but new tokens will not be minted before M00N APP marketplace is ready. When this happens, all remaining tokens will be minted and sent to a vesting contract that will take control of the LUNAR issuance.
Token distribution will last 8 years and will decrease each 2 years by 50%. Decreasing in issuance will incentivize early adopters. As time goes on and the project gets more mature M00N APPs will generate more and more taxes that will compensate for this decrease. Тhe earlier you join and the more active you are, the more LUNAR you will get.